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Not only does this ‘dolphin-friendly’ panel-board make good health sense, because it is made from rice stubble, its production allows native and plantation forests to be conserved.

Producing a fibre panel from rice stubble means:
 Utilisation of a waste item from the rice production process
• Production of a farm gate value added product
 Reduction of on farm waste
• Elimination of the practice of burning stubble after harvest
 Increased value for each mega-litre of water used by irrigators
 Farm diversification without the need to purchase new machinery
• Diversion of plantation timber into production of higher value products

AMPAN is neither standard particle board or MDF but rather a high moisture resistant particle board with fine particle structure. This means that it is suitable for wet area construction and for those items of furniture manufacture normally the domain of MDF.

The resin used does not have any of the health impacts associated with other binding agents. There are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) used as all materials are natural and non-allergenic. The resin is a CSIRO proprietary formulation which avoids the known health problems associated with standard particle boards and medium density fibre boards which give-off formaldehyde emissions. The use of the MDI family of resins, known to be carcinogenic in vapour form, is also avoided. The nil emissions of the product will not add to a Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

AMPAN has the structural integrity to meet Australian standards for panel board, and is manufactured using finer particles and will be structurally similar to other building panels.


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