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Today, more and more Australians are looking for ‘green’ cleaning products, heating sources, food choices and even building materials. As awareness grows about the dangers of toxic emissions from paints, adhesives and polymer composites, such as particleboards, builders and householders are looking for more environmentally friendly and healthier building products and construction methods. As social and environmental issues raise consumer’s consciousness – responsible resource use leads product innovation.

AMPAN is such a product. It s a new Australian Made Panel-board made from a totally renewable resource using non-toxic, inert resins. The result is a building panel that has zero harmful emissions, is moisture resistant, withstands high flammable temperatures, and possesses all the wood-working and finishing qualities of seasoned timber. AMPAN represents to the consumer a healthy and environmentally friendly MDF alternative.

In collaboration with CSIRO and RMIT, further research and product development is being undertaken.

To date, the principle investor in AMPAN has been its inventor, John Gorman – a rice farmer from Coleambally, NSW.

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